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Contact Information

Contact information is pretty much self explanatory. What's the point of advertising if they can't get a hold of you right? Yet, so many advertisers make that mistake. How? By making their contact information difficult to identify. Let's do a quick review.

1) You need great content to help grab people's attention.
2) Your company name should be very easy to read.

Your contact information should follow the same principle as your business name, unless you don't care much for the name. Which is some cases that could be the case. For example, if you have a great deal on t-shirts, and you know it, sometimes company names are not as important as the contact information. In the example below, the company prioritized the great deal people are receiving which is more likely to generate business than having the name flashing all over the place.

However, it is always recommended to make sure the company name is noticeable. And if the company name is easy to remember, that is more power to you. But let's continue with contact information because that is what this section is about.

Phone numbers.

Here is something you may or may not have though of. It is always recommended to use the least amount of characters that could distract potential business from what needs to be read. For phone numbers it would be the parenthesis,"( )." So instead of listing a phone number like: (888) 000-0000. Why not simply state: 888-000-0000. Not only it is pretty obvious that it is a phone number, but it will also allow you to stretch the number two more spaces.

Also from a marketing perspective, it has been proven that people for the most part needs some kind of command in order to take action. To what degree that applies to yard signs it is questionable. But for television it has been proven that at the end of the commercial, or "infomercial" for example, when viewers are told what to do, they tend to act. In other words, instead of simply giving a phone number, the advertiser tells the viewer to do what? Exactly, to call. And most of the time, the command is given with a time frame like NOW!

So you may want to consider adding something like that to your sign as long as it does not take much crucial advertising space. See example below:

Online Contact Information.

First suggestion. When it comes to websites, we often see people using capital letters or small caps for the entire name. Unless the website address, also know as URL, is one word, the challenge there is that potential prospects may encounter the same problem we have already discussed about companies with long names. For example, which one of these website addresses you think it is easier to read, or

It is pretty obvious that the second one,, stands out. Wouldn't you agree? So make sure that if you have a web address, to capitalize the first letter of each word. That mistake is often seen with magnetic signs on cars. By the time people pass you, they might not have been able to figure out what all the cluttered little letters meant. That is advertising money thrown away. If they had ordered with us, we would have taken care of that, and they would have been generating more business!

Second suggestion. When customers see either ".com" or ".org" or ".biz," etc., it is pretty obvious that it is a website address. If they don't know that, they are probably not computer literate, therefore they would not know how to even start looking for you. Why are we pointing this out? So that in the event where your website address is too long, you may want to eliminate the "www." at the beginning of your website address. That simple tip will give you a little more space to stretch the web URL so that people can read it from long distance. See pictures below.

You can use the same principle with email addresses unless your email is case sensitive, meaning that the email has to be typed exactly as it reads, where either all have to be capital letters, or all small caps, or a combination of both. But if that's not the case, then go ahead and advertise your email in such manner that is easy to identify and hopefully to remember.

One last section! Just hit next and after that section you can start designing your sign! YEAH!!! Sorry, we are just excited for you!


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