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The content of your sign is what's going to bring you customers. And there are few things you need to keep in mind when choosing what to display on them. For example. Where are the signs located? Is it going to be on a busy street where cars driving an average of 45 miles an hour can see them? And if they see the sign, is it going to grab their attention?

To help you answer those questions as well as others, we are going to elaborate on sign content here to make sure that when you receive your signs, you not only will be pleased with the work we have done, but to also ensure that your signs will accomplish their intended purpose, which is to help you generate more business.

First thing to keep in mind is, customers always want to know what is in it for them. So for example, if someone needs to sell their home, what you may want to emphasize on your sign, is in the fact that you can help them sell their home. So let's take a few simple example:

In the example above, the business owner's reasoning is, I want them to know the name of our company first and how to contact us. We also want to let them know that we can sell their home. The challenge with that kind of reasoning is, there are millions of real estate companies. And if someone is looking for someone to help them sell their home, a very dramatic approach would be more effective. So let's take a look at the following example and see what you think:

What are you doing with the example you just saw? You are dealing with your customer's needs first! Then once they get the message, in other words, once they realize the benefit they are receiving, if they want to find out more, they'll contact you.

Another example would be, if you are selling a phone service, the best way to bring in more business is not by letting them know that you have a phone service, but by emphasizing how much they will benefit from your service. If long distance are a big issue in your business, which one of the following examples below you think would draw more attention?


Remember, there is no rule of thumb here. The bottom line is, you need to decide what is the key line that you think will trigger potential customers to contact you, and make that one the more obvious one.

We are half way through. Are you finding this information valuable? Then wait until you see what's coming next. On the next section we are going to deal with company names. Or if it is a political sign, then candidates name and so on. So click next to continue.

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