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Company Names & Titles

It is very important for people to remember the name of your business or your personal name in the case of political candidates and the like. We'll begin with company names.

Some names are very unique and difficult to either pronounce or remember, but through repetition eventually people will remember them. Keep in mind, unless it is a huge billboard, you only have a limited space available on your yard sign, so you need to make sure that at least your company name is readable at distances and during short periods of time. Like if you are driving for example, you only have few seconds to see the name along with the content of any yard sign. That being the case, the farther away the name can be seen, the more time you have to identified it and remember it.

So if your company name is "AMERICAN SUBSIDIARY INVESTMENT INC.," that is a very long name. And trying to fit the whole thing in one line, you would need to squeeze the letters really tight. The challenge is obvious. It makes the name very difficult to read. The best thing to do is, either divide the company name in two lines which would be our first choice, or if the client insists in having it all on one line, then to capitalize the first letter. Example: "American Subsidiary Investment Inc." Let's take a look at the examples below.

When it comes to political candidates, for the most part, people who vote, unless they know the candidate they want, they end up filling out ballots without much clue as to why they have chosen that candidate. Yet, why do you think people make that choice? Because out of all the choices they have, if one of those names is remotely familiar, they are more likely to check the box next to it. And why is that that name "look" familiar? (Noticed we are emphasizing on the word "look" and not "sound.") The reason is because of repetition. That is why during political season you see those sign very close to one another so that people who drive can see them repetitively.

So whatever you are running for, weather is political, school board, sheriff, etc., you want to make sure your name STANDS OUT! See example below:

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